Green fuels for development?

Are biofuels a threat to the food supply for both people and animals? Do they explain the rise in world food prices? Opinions differ: The rise in the price of food is partly explained by the rapid growth in biofuel production and by international speculation surrounding the agricultural produce market. Other analyses, conversely, suggest that a rise in world prices means a structural change in the world economy, stressing that biofuels may be a stroke of good fortune for the global agricultural sector. What's your opinion?



More policy coherence is needed...

to reconcile food security objectives with biofuel production. A new “green fuel/ sustainable develop label should guarantee that:
1) Vegetable oil is sourced solely from new planting, and any form of competition with agricultural, forestry or grazing land is avoided;
2) The raw material production or purchasing schemes in no way reduce the local population’s access to the products in question;
3) Incentives are carefully examined so as to not divert food producers towards growing raw materials for biofuel manufacture;
4) Environmental protection is upheld or improved;
5) A portion of the biofuel produced is intended for the local market.

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