ECOWAS Communiqué on the establishment of a regional fund to support under privileged litigants in the ECOWAS Court

ECOWAS Court of Justice

Mar 2015

The President of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, Honorable Justice Maria de Ceu Silva Monteiro has advocated the establishment of a legal aid fund in the region to support under-privileged citizens wishing to avail themselves of the services of the Community Court of Justice for cases under its jurisprudence.

The management of cross-border areas in the Sahara-Sahel: Between living spaces and « grey areas»


Jan 2015

This analytical note by Bérangère Rouppert of the Belgian Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP) highlights the different security approaches by regional and extra-regional actors that are being applied to cross-border areas in the Sahara-Sahel. There are two opposing views. One considers the border as a fixed line that should be strictly controlled. This is the vision conveyed by the Sahel states and their partners outside of the region. The other vision considers the Sahara-Sahel areas, in particular the border areas, as open and dynamic spaces. This vision is shared by the local people, nomads, migrants, irregular armed groups and even some state actors.

Social safety net project in West Africa - Annexes - A-K


Jan 2015

Annexes including information on how to complete the application dossier. Deadline: 20 March 2015.

UNODC Sahel Programme Progress Report


Oct 2014

The October report of the UNODC Sahel Programme takes stock of progress made in the implementation of activities responding to five priority areas: 1. National legislation and international co-operation mechanisms; 2. Border control and interdiction; 3. Accountable and efficient investigation, prosecution and adjudication of criminal cases; 4. Scientific evidence in support of investigations and proceedings; and 5. Rehabilitation of imprisoned and/or detained terrorists. The Programme has been developed within the framework of the UN Regional Integrated Strategy for the Sahel 2013-17, which the UN Secretary-General launched in June 2013.

ECDPM: Economic Partnership Agreements and Beyond


Oct 2014

The October/November issue of the ECDPM GREAT Insights Magazine is dedicated to the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), gathering a large diversity of viewpoints. After more than a decade of negotiations between West Africa and the EU, testimonies from stakeholders illustrate that there is still disagreement about the future outcomes of the EPA-West Africa compromise deal. While EU Commissioner for Trade, Karel De Gucht, highlights the mutually beneficial process of EPAs, representatives of the Network of Farmers' and Agricultural Producers' Organisations (ROPPA) warn about the detrimental impact that this political agreement might have on economic development and co-operation between Europe and Africa. “West Africa and Europe will emerge weakened by this agreement, as it fails to reflect the underlying needs of both parties”, ROPPA Executive Secretary Kalilou Sylla and Honorary President Mamadou Cissoko argue. They notably fear that the EPA might threaten agricultural growth and become a barrier for investment in West Africa, also resulting in significant tax losses.

CILSS, USAID: Road harassments in West Africa


Sep 2014

The CILSS/USAID July report on road harassments maps major trading corridors for agricultural products in West Africa. It assesses the average number of checkpoints per 100 km, the average amount of illegal payments and delays. 

Intra-regional trade flow of agricultural products in West Africa


Sep 2014

The July report analyses cross-border trade flows of main cereals (maize, millet, sorghum, cowpea and paw boiled rice) as well as livestock (cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys). The total value of trade on the corridors and markets of agricultural products and livestock surveyed by CILSS in July 2014 was approximately USD 31.08 million compared to USD 36.44 million in June 2014.

UEMOA Communiqué : Invest in UEMOA


Sep 2014

The UEMOA Commission, together with its partners (BOAD, BCEAO, CREPMF, GFCL), will launch on 9 September in Dubaï the regional initiative "Investing in the UEMOA area" aimed at diversifying investment partners in support of the Union’s priority projects. 17 integration projects have been identified within the UEMOA Regional Economic Programme.