RESOGEST: A regional network of food security stocks

The RESOGEST initiative could further support the creation of a regionally managed food stock under the aegis of ECOWAS and technically managed by CILSS. In June 2011, the G20 picked   up some of the proposals made during the Outreach session “Agricultural and Food Price Volatility” organised by the SWAC Secretariat, and decided to support a pilot project, which allocates a minimum of 5% of national food stocks to regional interventions. This initiative is currently being implemented in seven countries and could be extended to the whole region.
Acting as interface between local proximity stocks and the regional reserve, national boards will constitute one of the major pillars  of this regional food security system (Charter, ECOWAS Regional Food Reserve, network of food stock boards, etc.). Regular information-sharing is one important first step towards building this regional solidarity mechanism.