The routes of child migrants

This documentary traces the paths of 38 young migrants from Guinea-Bissau who became beggars in Senegal. The children who appear in the film have benefited from an education/re-integration programme that was implemented by the West African Network for the Protection of Children (RAO) and co-ordinated at the national level by civil society organisations. The six-step programme covers all stages, starting with the identification of children on the street to the reintegration of those children back into their homes in Guinea-Bissau. To prevent the children from leaving again, the programme helps the families develop income-generating activities. RAO was created in 2005 with programmes in Mali, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, but is now active in all 15 ECOWAS member countries and in Mauritania. Besides the NGOs that co-ordinate RAO’s activities, the network also brings together many stakeholders on the issue of child protection including: the ECOWAS Commission, the Mano River Union Secretariat and the national directorates for child protection across the region.