The regionalisation of Boko Haram

More than 800 Boko Haram hostages were rescued by the Nigerian army in Borno state at the end of March; at the same time, 16 women were captured by insurgents in neighbouring Adamawa. While Boko Haram has been mostly active in Nigeria, its actions and impacts clearly spill over into neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger. This Diploweb dossier dedicated to the regionalisation of the Islamic sect was prepared on the occasion of the 8th edition of the Grenoble Festival of Geopolitics: African Dynamics. According to the author, many analysts exaggerate the political influence of Boko Haram, which remains “relatively poor in resources”. Its military success can be mostly explained by the failure of the Nigerian government. The dossier provides an overview of facts and figures as well as a timeline of key events.