Rural Development Engineer

Mr Kalifa Traoré is very familiar with the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA). In particular, he participated in the review of the application of the Food Aid Charter in the Sahel in the 2000s, in the evaluation of West African agricultural and trade policies, as well as in numerous statistical studies. His knowledge of the Network, his expertise and his professional contacts will undoubtedly be useful in his current mission -  to map food and nutrition security and resilience interventions in the 17 countries of West Africa and the Sahel. Mr. Traoré has many years of experience collecting and analysing statistical data in the fields of agriculture and the economy, especially as it relates to the implementation and management of market and food security information systems. He has participated in several major evaluation missions including assessments of the EU’s DIAPER III project and of the information systems of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali and Niger.. By working with many technical and financial partners (Aedes, CILSS, Danagro, EU, FAO, GFA, GTZ, IRAM, SWAC/OECD, STATISTIKA and the WFP), he has traveled across the West African region as well as to South Africa, India and Myanmar. During a stay in Yemen from 2009-11, Mr Traoré conducted household and market surveys on agricultural products. Since October 2011, Mr Traoré serves as senior project manager at the ICON-Institute. Mr Traoré holds an engineering degree in rural development with an animal science specialisation from the University of Ouagadougou’s Rural Development Institute in Burkina Faso. He also holds a certificate in special studies on applied statistics and computer science from the School of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Liège’s Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech in Belgium.